How soon can you hold my sale?

To insure a successful sale, it’s best to allow at least two weeks for pricing, set up, advertising, etc.. Larger estates may require more time. Our goal is a quality sale in a timely fashion.  Most sales can be set up in one week, but keep in mind that sale dates tend to be booked several months in advance.

What do I need to do?

Once you and any family members have decided which items will be available for sale, let our staff do the rest. Do not throw away or move any unwanted items. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Depending on the size of the estate, the actual sale can take from 2 to 3 days to complete.

What are your fees?

We charge 35 percent of the total sales amount. This fee covers the labor needed to set up and run the sale as well as advertising via internet (listing with photos on Dogwood Estate Sales website and Estate, an email blast, Tennessean or other local newspaper ad, and Craigslist ad) and signage.

If a dumpster is required for large clean-outs, that fee will be deducted from the estate’s portion of the sale.  A fee may be charged for an attic or garage requiring an extensive clean out.  If any of these additional fees are required, they will be discussed and assessed at the time the contract is signed.  

What can I expect after the sale?

We will settle your account the week after the sale. You will receive a check for 65% of the total sales and a list of the total sales for each day of the sale.  If an inventory has been requested before the sale, that will be sent via mail or email as agreed upon at the contract signing.

We handle the complete clean out after the sale. We realize homeowners are on a tight schedule when moving, so can have the house emptied a few days after the sale.  Items of value left over after the sale can be sold via internet, auction, or consignment. This will be determined at the contract signing. We can also have any other left overs removed for a fee. We will leave the house in a tidy condition after the sale.

What if I’m still living in the house?

It’s much easier to conduct a sale after the homeowner has moved out.  You take what you want, and leave everything else behind-where it is, as is.  We come in and organize, categorize, merchandise and conduct your sale.  Then we leave the house empty.